Social Narcissism: Can it drive positive change?

Is there such thing as selfless good deed? The age old debate concerning altruism lives on. Joey and Phoebe of Friends argued the point of contention. They concluded that selfless deeds do not exist.

Yet, one thing we can be certain of. Selfish good deeds do exist. Even narcissistic individuals can be driven to do good. The clincher? Social media may rev up the process. Continue reading


Crash Communication 2.0

Image Source: Day Donaldson: Flickr Creative Commons.

Image Source: Day Donaldson: Flickr Creative Commons.

MH370.  MH17. GE222 . AH5017. QZ8501. 4U9525.  

Two years ago this string of digits and numbers would have elicited blank stares. This would have seemed a complex riddle. Now we know this is a sequence of flight numbers representative of 869 lives fallen prey to an aviation freak show.  

There was no time for Airliners to gape in horror. Concerned parties needed to be addressed -immediately – in person and online. The only way to communicate compassion was by immediate action.

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Diffusing the myth: “I #hashtag, therefore I care”


Image Source:  Michael Fleshman: Flickr Creative Commons.

 April of 2014. 200 Nigerian schoolgirls  are tragically kidnapped by Boko Haram . The #BringBackOurGirls campaign is born. An image of a sober faced Michelle Obama holding up a  “#BringBackOurGirls” placard becomes iconic.  Washington Times  describes  Obama’s picture as the catalyst for transforming a trending hashtag into a “social-media supernova.”

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Social media best practice: “Yes, I am the PR girl”

Image Source: Andrew Kelly: Flickr Creative Commons

Image Source: Andrew Kelly: Flickr Creative Commons

In my previous post I utilised the analogy of a social media masquerade ball to demonstrate how transparency and authenticity are essential components of any online public relations strategy. In fact transparency and authenticity are the foundation to becoming a captivating online presence whom your key publics seek to befriend. Continue reading

The social media masquerade: To mask or unmask your brand?

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Image Source: Leah Kaminetzky

Welcome to the social media masquerade ball.  A sea of acquaintances mingle. Conversation is rampant. People share their views and likes.  Yet whilst  words appear  to flow in an impromptu fashion, they are carefully created discourses.  Almost as carefully orchestrated as the elaborate clothing and masks in which their speakers cloaked themselves in.

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