The Rise of Mobile 2.0: Keep it Snappy on Social Media

Image source: Flikr Creative Commons

Image source: Flikr Creative Commons

The 5pm peak hour trains departing from Flinders Street Station all have something in common. Can you guess what? Passengers are consumed with their mobile phones. The window scenery blurs as fingers skilfully scroll through the daily news feed of social media platforms. Continue reading


We Eat With Our Eyes: How To Feed Your Publics Visual Appetite

Let’s face it, our publics have become skilled at scrolling the mouse even faster down a webpage and unrelentingly pressing the lock screen on their iPhones when they grow bored. If you haven’t read my last blog, we all nodded our heads toward social media’s video centric focus. Be alert though, because this only means that there’s even more content out there in the social media wilderness to compete with.

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