Goldmine or Minefield?

Public relations is a fast-paced, constantly evolving field. Social media has revolutionized the public public relations landscape, necessitating new campaigns, faster responses and timely crisis management.

In my first blog post I visited the Ice Bucket Challenge and the positive reaction and affirmation that spread via social media making the campaign a viral sensation.

In my second blog post, I explored Bud Lights use of social media in their ‘Up for Whatever’ campaign and the benefits that this brings to their public relation campaign.

Not all social media is positive however with social media also proving to be a minefield for public relations in some instances.


Image source: Flickr-Creative Commons, Tim Rlch and Lesley Katon, 

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Are you #UpForWhatever

Are you Up For Whatever?

Bud Light ‘the perfect beer for whatever happens’ has fully embraced reaching out to its fans and consumers using all forms of traditional and social media.


Image: Beerloves NEIndlana,
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Thank you for your outpouring of support. #IceBucketChallenge



Image Source: Flickr – Creative Commons: Zillow

The ice bucket challenge. Do those words bring a simile to your face as you remember countless videos and images of people taking buckets of ice and water and pouring it over their heads. Perhaps you took part in the challenge last August or maybe your social media feeds were simply inundated by videos and images from friends and celebrities that did take part. Continue reading