Another SMART with social media crisis

Living in the reality which web 2.0 – internet and social media – have been part of our daily life. For PR people, we have to transmit the way we manage relationships from PR 1.0 to PR 2.0. In previous blog posts, we’ve seen how social media can help us to better handling stakeholder relationships with SMART approach. We’ve learnt to prevent from social media crises (the intimate one as an example) by being nice to stakeholders, being honest, and listen to their needs.

Remember the intimate relationship crisis I’ve mentioned (or watch the video above)? I reckon this would be an interesting case to work on. In this last blog post of the series, let’s give it a try!

Imagine they both are the celebrities and you are now hired by the girl to handle this crisis. Combining the tactics from this, this, and that, I’ve come up with the following suggestions to her (which I see it as another SMART approach).

# Sorry
There’s no way to deny since evidences are strong (you said you’ve cheated on the text), so just honestly say sorry to people who loves you. People would probably appreciate an honest ‘star’ with courage to admit their fault than people who tend to deny and give excuses. But you have to say this ‘sorry’ publicly because you are a celebrity, a press conference maybe?

# Monitor
Monitor the flow of the issue on social media. It is important getting to know what the publics are talking about and how they are talking. Figure out which platform is the crisis occurs and focus more on it. For this case, Twitter would be that thing.

# Active
Be active to respond. Once you have figure out where is the appropriate place to kick off your ‘game’, always be the first one to respond to any rumors or attack. Join the conversation actively to try possibly leading the flow.

# Reachable
You can’t talk to everybody in the public; you need some ‘spokesperson’. Be reachable for the ‘internal stakeholders’ such as fan club committees or other supporting group’s heads so to give them first hand information. These people are literally within the public and they can speak to much more publics than you do. And since they’ve been supporting you for long, they would possibly stand on side tho.

# Time sensitive
Last but not least (or even it is the most important thing), time is everything during a crisis. Act as quickly as possible to settle the crisis in speed so to not leaving it until desperately uncontrollable.


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