The Rise of Mobile 2.0: Keep it Snappy on Social Media

Image source: Flikr Creative Commons

Image source: Flikr Creative Commons

The 5pm peak hour trains departing from Flinders Street Station all have something in common. Can you guess what? Passengers are consumed with their mobile phones. The window scenery blurs as fingers skilfully scroll through the daily news feed of social media platforms.

Public relations practitioners: Mobile 2.0 has landed. Your fans are now consuming social media content via mobile devices at unprecedented rates.

The largest year-on-year increase in visitors was in the Facebook mobile audience… Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn all added… to their mobile audience.

My last blog post showed qualities a video should possess to feed the publics satiable appetite. Now, factor in Mobile 2.0.

Videos being streamed through mobiles need to be thought of as snacks.

Realistically, consumers are streaming this content on the go. They all lead busy lives with brief attention spans. So, keep it short and sweet.

Zach King is the founder of an online school that trains in filmmaking techniques and special effects. His Vine and Instagram persona “Final Cut King” publishes special-effect short form videos (see below).

It’s hard to not press the play button when streaming mobile content with these quick and addictive miniature movies.

King demonstrates that if strategically thought out videos can be jam-packed with underlying business motives. While also amusing his audience, he is able to bring attention to his online school and showcase everything that he has to offer.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The adaptability of these short form videos for differing promotional purposes is endless. It should be noted that the most watched form of video is instructional videos.

Video Meals have built their entire brand presence in reliance of this. They produce bite size instructional social media videos providing quick and healthy recipes.

Online traffic is directed to their websites while promoting sales of Video Meals e-book. Not only this, they are able to frame the essence of their brand through these mini videos.

Video Meals showcase the ease with which short form videos can be created. All they really require is a camera, the necessary ingredients/utilities and an actor.

When resources are low these can be the perfect solution for practitioners to convey messages to fans.

I leave you with this parting wisdom on your use of social media video functions: make it easy for fans to consume.


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