Cut to the Chase – Gaining Word of Mouth Referrals in an Overcrowded Social Media Space

We all know that word of mouth is the most effective medium for gaining new customers and generating leads. But as more businesses compete on social media for attention, gaining the trust and support of new customers becomes increasingly difficult and time consuming. Thankfully, brand new Australian social media site Recomazing may hold the solution:

Last time I posted about the effectiveness of social media campaigns and incentives on Facebook, this time I want to acknowledge their short comings and how Recomazing seeks to overcome this.

The whole point of businesses utilising social media is to enhance existing relationships and increase their profits by attracting new and loyal customers. Now that social media has become a necessity in the business world, there is a significant overcrowding and cluttering that has happened – this is particularly obvious on Facebook.

Businesses now have to hire new staff just to manage their accounts and post regular updates while monitoring feeds; replying to any complaints or questions that their publics may have. As I’ve mentioned previously, this is an extremely time consuming task that never ends!

Frequent updates on social media are vital to gain visibility, but how many people actually see these updates? And due to frequent use, competition and exploitation, does a ‘like’ or a ‘share’ really count as a recommendation anymore?

So I address this question to all you businesses out there:

Recomazing cuts to the chase and communicates clearly the purpose of their site by using an abbreviation of ‘recommendation’ in their brand name, giving users access to a database of purely positive ‘recos’ from the people they know and trust.

Not only that, but it utilises ‘set and forget’ style profile pages where businesses aren’t required to post constant updates and content just to stay visible, and instead relies on their products and services to generate ‘recos’ from happy customers. Because it’s impossible to leave a negative review, feedback won’t have to be monitored as closely or cautiously. Surely this will save a huge amount of time and allow businesses to focus their attention back into what really matters – delivering a successful product.

With ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ becoming less legitimate as social media campaigns multiply, founder Marc Cowper as quoted in B&T Magazine (2015) emphasises the importance and effectiveness of personal referrals when he states:

“The credibility of the recommendation is everything for us. This is why, unlike other sites we do not allow any form of incentivisation – so friends can trust that their friends are recommending a business because they genuinely love it, not because they are getting something free in return.”

Recomazing also “provides unique social advocacy analytics to understand how and where recommendations are spread, and which are delivering new business.” (B&T Magazine, 2015). This is invaluable information to companies, and founder of Shoestring Media, Mat Beeche from Startup Daily (2015) suggests it might be worth creating an account just for that!

Recomazing is definitely one to watch. Personally, I recommend it.

For more information or to open your own free account, visit


Beeche, M. (2015). Recomazing is a platform for sharing word of mouth referrals, but will SMBs embrace it?. Startup Daily. Retrieved from

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David Spark


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