Brushing with Beauty Bloggers

Why Aren't You Blogging?

Bloggers are being viewed more and more as the most credible source within the world of social media. With a large and loyal following, the words of bloggers are being taken as holy. What eye cream should I buy? Where is he eating that burger? What shade of lipstick is she wearing? For all of these questions and many more we turn to our trusted bloggers for the answer.

Whilst it seems like a huge role for bloggers to fill, studies have shown that bloggers are considered more of an industry authority with readers than traditional media (Solis and Breakenridge). One of the most credible forms of marketing is third party endorsement, which is exactly what bloggers provide. Third party endorsement is viewed as credible as it is not the corporation pushing their own opinions on consumers but an independent voice. However for the post to be considered credible, the blogger needs to be independent enough to maintain a distinctive individual voice. With this said, they must also be trusted by the corporation to maintain the integrity of the message, and must not post anything on their sites that may threaten the success of the campaign.

Bloggers are perfect for this type of endorsement as they have a loyal and trusting group of followers. The structure of a blog, the interactive features encourage an ongoing conversation between the author and readers. This allows for a greater relationship building potential than other channels offer. This is evident in that blogs have the highest conservation of followers in comparison to any other sites or forums (Seltzer and Mitrook)

Oral B’s recent campaign is a great example of the use of bloggers in a PR campaign. Oral B kicked off a campaign for their 3D Whitening Strips with the use of Fashion Bloggers Star and creator of popular blog Harper & Harley, Sara Donaldson.The campaign features a set of videos showing Sara Donaldson creating different looks that are all finished off with Oral B’s 3D whitening strips.

Oral B’s competitor Colgate released a similar, if not identical campaign with the use of two popular beauty bloggers, Lauren Curtis and Chloe Morello.

In an almost comical fashion the two leading competitors in the dental hygiene industry have almost identical campaigns to promote their almost identical products. So I guess instead of a competition between competing products , its more a choiced of who your favourite beauty blogger is.


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Solis, Brian, and Deirdre Breakenridge. Putting The Public Back In Public Relations. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: FT Press, 2009. Print.

Image taken from Flikr. 


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