The power of the #selfie

How much impact does a selfie have? A single selfie, maybe not so much. For frank body, a new and upcoming brand in Australia, selfies have been the backbone of the company. 

#LetsBeFrank , the coffee body scrub by @frank_bod is amazing! I bought the coconut coffee scrub and my skin is thanking me for it! It claims to benefit problem skin, eczema, stretch marks, cellulite, and acne scars. I have old stretch marks and dark mark

Reference: Flikr. Image courtesy of Directioner 2011. URL:

frank body started as a company producing coffee body scrub (Dillon, 2014). The scrub is designed to target stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis and scars. 

Since startup, frank as a company has undergone extensive growth. This growth is largely due to their social media and public relations strategy (Beeche, 2015).

Matt Beeche has written on post on the blog Startup Daily, predicting that frank is will exceed $20 million worth of revenue in 2015 (2015). “Making it one of the fastest commerce starters in the country” (Beeche, 2015). 

Social media has been an integral aspect of frank body’s growth (Beeche, 2015).

At time of writing, frank body has a total of 621,000 Instagram followers. This is after 2 years of trading. This Instagram content is dominated by the frank body selfie (Dillon, 2014). 

frank, an embodiment of the brand, calls for his frankfurts to take selfies whilst scrubbing in the shower. He then encourages the sharing of the selfie on Instagram. There are even now a number of youtube videos posted about people’s frank scrubbing experiences.

According to Natalia Olivia, in her YouTube video, “about 50% of the reason anyone buys this product is to have an accepted excuse for shower selfies”(2014).

The sharing of these images on Instagram and YouTube has not only built high levels of exposure for the brand, but also given individuals a medium for involvement in the company (Mulham, 2014). This aids in creating a community feel for those subscribed to the frank social media accounts.

The hash tag #thefrankeffect, has 75,000 user-generated posts (Norris, 2014). An additional Instagram account was created titled frank feedback. This is a space for individuals to share pictures of the results they have experienced using frank.

The utilisation of two-way communication between the company and consumers has increased brand loyalty and the benefits are evident. frank body is now selling “one scrub every 50 seconds from four distribution points worldwide” (Smith, 2014).

The content that is posted by supporters of frank, has high levels of creditability (Dillon, 2014). It is much more likely that an individual will trust content posted by friends and family, as opposed to that of a large scale company. Additionally, frank body receives numerous endorsements from bloggers, key opinion leaders and influencers in the beauty world. This too adds to the creditability of the organisation (Dillon, 2014).  

Overall, frank body examples a wonderfully executed social media campaign for public relations. It shows that social media has the potential to close the gap between company and consumer. 


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