Are You LinkedIn To Social Media?

Social media helps to avoid this sticky situation

Social media helps to avoid this sticky situation

PR 2.0 focuses on the role social media plays in order to reach, collaborate and better communicate with stakeholders, bloggers, media and consumer audiences directly. Social media permits the public to connect with their desired web communities in a peer-to-peer approach.

This notion of PR 2.0 highlights how PR professionals incorporate its ideas into their planning and strategy resulting in an effective way to directly communicate. Since this implementation, firms have been able to build relationships, raise awareness, create and maintain a positive image and increase brand exposure.

Early internet elements of social networking limited consumer relationships and support with a brand. However, the various platforms of newer social media allow easier and diverse opportunities and approaches for communication. PR 2.0 delivers content that is meaningful and engaging to the public. The distribution of information is two-way and collaborative where brands, by being active and listening to their consumers in conversations are able to deliver more pertinent information.

Whether companies like it or not, social media is a platform for people to talk good or bad things about a brand. When someone mentions a brand on a social media platform, there is a high chance for other consumers to see; becoming easier and quicker for the spread of conversations. These have potential to spread to a much larger audience than when using tradition PR practices.

Not only do social media platforms help promote content, but by maintaining a presence on various sites is very beneficial in helping manage your business’ public relations. These platforms include:


  • Journalists, bloggers and reporters have an account
  • Great way to introduce a company to the media
  • Follow journalists who target a specific industry
  • Tweet them and develop relationships on articles you have read by them

Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Helps maintain relationships with media
  • Is a bit more personal than twitter
  • Use twitter to initiate and grow a relationship, then consider connection on these sites

Monitoring your business is a very important aspect of PR 2.0. Tools are available to help manage multiple accounts such as HootSuite and CoTweet. For Facebook, the Fan Page’s Facebook Insights Dashboard (found on the left sidebar), provides statistics such as fan growth and views.

Social media has become a very effective tool, allowing practitioners to facilitate and improve communication with consumers. If a company is not participating in social media, they are missing valuable opportunities to expand their messages and build relationships with stakeholders.


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