You Can Make A Mark On The World

Social media has risen as a dominant tool PR practitioners use to help build and maintain relationships with the public and stakeholders. This was explored in my first blog post (click here if you missed it!). Social media however, is very fragile and hard to master…this was explored in my latest blog post (click me!) which guides you through 8 smart tips to help you master the use of social media. My previous posts have focused on social media use by companies, and major figures, but reality is any individual can have an influence through social media. This blog post explores how you can make a difference; how you can inspire!keep-calm-and-inspire-someone-2

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Social media has become a medium for us to express ourselves, whether its through blogs, vlogs, status updates, posts, comments or likes we are able to share our views, feelings, or just express your love for cat videos!

The growing trend for everyday individuals to gain fame through social media has become almost a daily norm. You will check your social media each day to find a new viral personality or hit video. Recently, a son posted a video on YouTube profiling his mum in hopes of finding the love of her life. The success of this video, is an example of how you can influence people, and make a mark on the world. It’s almost crazy that you can get this much exposure from posting a video purely to find your mother the ‘right guy’.

See the video for yourself!

The point is, like PR practitioners, we as individuals have also been given a tool to success. Social media has allowed us to feel like we are apart of something, it can turn us into someone we want to be. You could become the most popular ‘YouTuber’ by recording yourself playing videos games, this has been inspired by ‘YouTubers’ like PewDiePie or by making makeup tutorials and ‘vlogging’ like JennaMarbles. These normal people, by doing what they love have become an inspiration to many, and they didn’t start off already popular, like many companies and celebrities who have used social media to enhance its relations and capability to express themselves to their existing fan base.

I find it very interesting how people are more inclined to be proactive on social media. We may walk past someone lying on the floor on the street who may need help, but will post a video on social media pouring a bucket of water over on your head to spread awareness for the disease ALS. For whatever reason, the fact remains that we are expressing ourselves on social media and in turn are being influential, regardless of whether it’s just a video shared with your friends on Facebook, or a post millions of people will see.


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