Treat them like your boyfriend/girlfriend, with patience and .. what else?


image from Flickr, by Rymer Bruining on December 26, 2014

Well.. I have an idea popping up on my mind. With various social media platforms, we nowadays have been so used to seeing couples sharing stuffs about their relationship online. Saying ‘PR is all about relationship’ in the last blog post, I’ve been thinking.. what if to say all relationships do need PR?

Let’s imagine everybody is a company/product/service in terms of an intimate relationship (I know it sounds weird). What your other half said about you or what they shared on social media is therefore a review of you (like giving ‘stars’ and comments to an app) – this guy really realized the idea of getting reviews from ex-gf, FUNNY! It’s such a consumer-generated thing that would probably affect your reputation and maybe your chances of dating somebody else (like influencing potential customers’ buying decisions). We have no control over what they say/post, so as a PR of yourself what can you do?

There are some tips for social media best practices. I picked some to apply them on managing the intimate relationship online. Here you go!

# Be nice
While on social media for business, PRs have to be nice to stakeholders e.g. helping them without gaining any benefits. It is a way to build good reputations of themselves and the company. Applying this to our topic today, I suppose you (as a PR of yourself) have to be nice to your stakeholders (people around you) in daily live so when any ‘crisis’ occurs (e.g. your partner blames you publicly) they can probably be those who stands out for you or at least it won’t harm your reputation much. It’s kind of a preparation thing!

# Listen
One of the vital changes brings by social media is it drives communication from one-way to two-way (as mentioned on the last blog post). PR people have to allow the stakeholders to talk back about their opinions. Putting this onto intimate relationship, you definitely have to listen to your lover (as a ‘consumer’) about their feelings and thoughts so as to better get along with each other. Sometimes you might have to listen to your friends/ their friends (as other stakeholders) as well because they might have good opinions to you if an argument is happening between you and your partner.

# Be real
It’s a very important rule to everyone no matter for business purposes or just for personal intercourse. Humanise your social media platforms and ‘humanise’ yourself. Speaking of ‘humanise yourself’ I mean to be honest and humble to everybody especially to your boyfriend/girlfriend in daily live and don’t be fake. It is kind of a way to build trust in all relationships and it helps to maintain your reputation.

Turn your attitude a bit, I was gonna say.. try handling stakeholder relationship as your intimate one and you might understand more to be a better PR.

Btw, read this case of ‘intimate relationship crisis’ and think about what you can do if you’re the PR of any/both parties?


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