We Eat With Our Eyes: How To Feed Your Publics Visual Appetite

Let’s face it, our publics have become skilled at scrolling the mouse even faster down a webpage and unrelentingly pressing the lock screen on their iPhones when they grow bored. If you haven’t read my last blog, we all nodded our heads toward social media’s video centric focus. Be alert though, because this only means that there’s even more content out there in the social media wilderness to compete with.

In a practical sense the visual sensation on social media has made work harder for the practice of public relations. The old truism “we eat with our eyes” rings true more now than ever.

The rampant success of American dining franchise Applebee’s social media campaign “The Best Ever Video” brings with it pearls of wisdom on how public relations practitioners can feed the visual appetite of their publics.

As a part of the campaign, Applebee’s produced a Youtube video of their champion bartender doing tricks that were suggested in tweets by fans.

This resulted in a flow of requests, with the first video being so successful the company produced a sequel (see video below).

Let’s firstly take a look at Applebee’s use of crowd sourcing content.

They created an ongoing dialogue and gave their fans not only a voice, but also the power to be co-creators of content on one of the biggest stages on the Internet

Through the interaction with fans Applebee’s reinforced their brand mantra “give the fans what they want”. The two-way dialogue was genuine, transparent and they even produced video replies to certain tweeted suggestions in addition to their official videos.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 5.28.34 pm

Fans appreciated Applebee’s going that extra mile in their video replies

Quality, originality and creativity are key. To maintain the popularity of their sequel Applebee displayed a unique approach. Live streaming of the shoot was a feature of their campaign as well as incorporating elements of danger into the bartender tricks.

Everyone loves a good story, and Applebee’s gave their fans just that. The campaign tells a narrative of company and customer collaboration that produced impressive results, including:

  • Over 2,000 social media shares in the first few hours; and
  • More than 190,000 views in less than a month.

It just goes to show how storytelling is an integral aspect in any campaign.

For more information on the use of visual elements in social media go to: http://sociallysorted.com.au/shift-to-visual-social-media-6-tips-for-business-infographic/


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