Now Everyone Needs PR


Image courtesy of Sean MacEntee

I think it’s safe to say that we are currently living in the digital age. With information in abundance at your fingertips and advertisers fighting for your attention on your screen, it’s more important than ever to become media literate and stand out amongst an ever-increasing marketplace of ideas.

Public relations has especially evolved to adapt to this digital sphere, with a large number of recent graduating PR students employed to take charge of social media for their employers. This can involve a number of things including managing a Facebook page, Twitter account, uploading pictures from events as well as regular information, updates and online campaigns. It’s a job that never ends, and requires constant updating, creativity, and interaction with the public on a daily basis.

While it’s true that technology has brought potential consumers and stakeholders closer to businesses, it’s now more difficult to hold their attention and maintain a close relationship. Fortunately, the language of PR in social media has adapted to incorporate a more casual, genuine and personal approach as opposed to the more stiff and ‘professional’ language outside of social media platforms. However, well established companies may dismiss social media as ‘trivial’ and unnecessary because of it.

Whether you’re representing a product, an event, a restaurant, an organisation or yourself, it’s important to understand the wide benefits of social media PR.


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