Are you #UpForWhatever

Are you Up For Whatever?

Bud Light ‘the perfect beer for whatever happens’ has fully embraced reaching out to its fans and consumers using all forms of traditional and social media.


Image: Beerloves NEIndlana,

The best selling and most popular beer in the United States, Bud Light has a long history of public relation campaigns and advertisements. The company now aims to get all it fans involved using ‘Whatever’ means are necessary.

With their #UpForWhatever campaign, Bud Light attempts to conquer social media head on. The company introduced a new bottle, each of which included a message,  designed to find out just how ‘up for whatever’ its consumers really are.

All those who are ready for the challenge are encouraged to record themselves ‘living the message on their bottle’ and to upload the video to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages with the hashtags #UpForWhatever and #Audition.

The winners of the campaign may then find themselves on their way to ‘Whatever USA’ a real town created by Bud Light for them to have 3 days of concerts, games, freebies and best of all free beer wherever you go.

The campaign premiered in 2014 and was met with an enthusiastic response on social media with hundreds of thousands auditions posted. A lucky 1000 fans were then flown to ‘Whatever, USA for the weekend. The brand is bringing back the town of ‘Whatever, USA for a weekend of festivities in 2015.

A town like no other

‘Up For Whatever’ shows a brands innovative thinking in what its consumers would appreciate and what would draw them in. Most of Bud Lights consumers use a variety social media on a regular basis and this campaign offered something far more exciting then any regular incentive.

Eager fans videos which were viewed and shared by their friends and followers, along with the hashtags ‘UpForWhatever’ and ‘Audition,’ enabled the campaign to spread rapidly last year and is expected to do the same this year.

The sharing mechanisms of social media and the love the internet has for the unusual and unexpected allow campaigns such as ‘UpForWhatever’ to take over the imaginations of the public and get them involved in a brand in an unprecedented manner.

It may be hard for companies to reconsider their traditional public relation strategies and to fully embrace the varied means of social media. Acknowledging the important role social media has to play however, is key to continuing to shape their identity and their relationships with consumers in this fast-paced and changing world.



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