It’s All About the Connection

You’ve probably seen your share of Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaigns that tug at the strings of your heart to last you a lifetime. But trust me when I say you probably haven’t seen one as good as this!

Launched on April 7, 2015 in 70 countries, Dove has been able to add an additional beauty campaign to their Real Beauty brand mantra. Dove has been exceptionally successful in building a strong online community and presence through their online (and offline) campaigns to really engage and connect with their publics.

According to Sean Gardner (2015), in order to build strong relationships and connections with your social media followers, it’s important to begin by building your purpose, it has go beyond company profitability and online presence.

Dove was able to use their ‘Real Beauty’ purpose to connect with their public because social media allows PR practitioners to go beyond the ‘two-way conversation’ phenomenon, and delve deep and using social media as a platform to really connect and network, to build and facilitate strong relationships with their publics and stakeholders. They are creating a global community that believes in their purpose.


Image via Flickr, Becky Lettenberg, 31 July 2008.

In addition to Dove’s current viral video and social media platforms, they have launched a Tumblr page to really engross and bond with their publics. The Tumblr page features a mindful me toolkit and meditation guide, behind the scenes of the #ChooseBeautiful campaign, and the ability to cater to a global audience with multiple language options.

The Tumblr page acts as another direct communication platform for their audience to interact with the company and each other. It encourages women to feel beautiful everyday and invites them to join the global community of women around the world to feel beautiful. They are able to build strong relationships and support these relationships with these social platforms by encouraging the community members to help each other out and create a movement towards a positive social change.

One thing to remember is that connection and building an online community does not happen overnight. PR practitioners need to be consistent on all social media platforms to build engagement and loyal advocacy.


Image via Flickr, Polle de Maagt, 02 June 2011.

Social media isn’t just about two-way conversation and broadcasting messages online. Social media has changed the manner in which brands now talk to their publics, it goes much deeper to building actual relationships and connecting with the receiver to authentically build and support a strong relationship.



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