PR newbies: Be a SMARTie.


image from Flickr, by Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen on Sep 15, 2014.

‘PR is all about relationships’ – I reckon nobody will object this (If you do, I would love to hear your opinions). PR people have a role as the bridge. By building and maintaining good relationships with the publics and stakeholders, we help all parties to better communicate with ourselves and all each other. And YES, social media (as web 2.0) is a SMART and easy way to do so. Let’s see how!

# Specific
Specific info for specific person. Target groups are easier to be defined with social media. By creating groups on (e.g.) Facebook, people with common interests are all gathered together.

# Measurable
Tools are easy to get (and some are for free!) for measurement such as the ‘likes’ you got/ the times a video has been watched/ the amount of people browsed your page … etc. When everything comes to a measurable number, it’s more effective and clear to communicate with stakeholders who wanted to know the info (e.g. clients/ board members).

# Achievable
Social media helps achieving goals easier. In case of organizing a campaign, social media works very well as a tool for promotion and releasing information. It helps to make an event smoother.

# Reachable
I would love to put Reachable for R in this case. Social media makes everybody reachable. Communication is no longer a one-way/ top-down thing in PR 2.0. By instant chat or replying comments on social media, it makes PRs ‘presence’ there for the publics and stakeholders when they needed.

# Time sensitive
No doubt – especially in PR crisis, time is a vital element that critically affects the outcome. Making good use of social media definitely help PR to build and maintain relationships with publics and stakeholders. Let’s see some tips!


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