“Come with me, or perish!” says Social Media


It’s harsh, but it’s true. For businesses to be successful and remain relevant to their consumers, the use of social media is imperative in almost all aspects of the business.

We are living in a society today where almost everyone coexists in two worlds: online and offline.

The traditional modes of public relations are well-equipped in connecting with people in their offline time. But people are not paying attention anymore, instead they’re ‘tap, tap, scrolling’ on Instagram, ‘tweeting’ their thoughts, sharing ‘memes’ on Facebook… and the list goes on!

Yes. There is a lot criticism that social media has killed the art of conversation, that words are not spoken anymore just typed now. And yes, social media could be to blame. But this should not deter businesses from using social media.

Social media also allows people to express themselves like never before. The online world has now become part of people’s everyday routine, everywhere people are connecting and engaging online that also spills out into ‘offline world’ interactions as well.

I’m sure many girls can recall while scrolling through Instagram…. In a post you have seen THE MOST GORGEOUS DRESS that you need to have IMMEDIATELY. You tap for details. Oh my god! It’s from a boutique in Perth… oh wait they have an online store! Perfect! Scrambling to find the GORGEOUS DRESS on site, transfer the money to your everyday account, ‘Place Order’. Can’t wait to post my purchase on Instagram.

The online and offline worlds are co-existing, and are connected through social media.

Hence to truly connect with people today, the forms of communication need to cover both online and offline worlds. Reaching only one of these, could mean a connection can’t be fully built upon.

Meaning for public relations practitioners to be able to build a relationship with publics and stakeholders, they need to connect with them in their world, which is both online and offline. Or else you risk fading into the background.


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