To Tweet or not to Tweet: the revolution of Web 2.0

Are PR Practitioners the Shakespeares of Cyberspace?

social media
Image via Flickr, Sean MacEntee, 26 November 2010

Digital media has revolutionised the media landscape: from where details once lay within the crisp edges of the daily newspaper, to an environment where information is transmitted through the air. Publics consume and circulate it daily.

Yet, some things have stayed the same. Just as newspapers have layouts, catchy headlines and stories strategically placed from page 1 to the backend sports section, new media requires the same human intervention.

It requires skilled professionals to carefully place imagery and multimedia, develop headlines and order the online content based on what publics want to know and what they engage with. This art in the digital world is called Content Curation.

However, engaging publics is now accelerated. Traditionally, the word-of-mouth conversation in the lunchroom between colleagues has been the norm. But now, this human instinct been given a physical functionality with the ‘share’ and ‘repost’ function.

Readers are instantly engaging their social media extended ‘friends’ with information, enabling it to reach broad audiences far beyond newspaper distribution.

This encourages user generated dialogue and public feedback – which is crucial to market/consumer research and promoting open two-way communication.

Combining all of these elements to produce corporate material has in itself become a whole new spectrum of the Public Relations line of work. Now, a corporation’s digital presence requires management to strategise and monitor the business presence in the relatively new but fast-growing jungle landscape of the Web 2.0.


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