T.O.M Organic

Not the farmers market variety

Social media has given public relations practitioners access to a range of new platforms for engagement. Practitioners are no longer bound to traditional forms of media and a world of opportunity awaits.

T.O.M Organic is a great example a company utilising social media. T.O.M Organic is a feminine hygiene product designed to give women more choice in products for that time of month.

T.O.M Organic maintains a strong social media presence with 33,475 Facebook likes, 25,000 Instagram followers. T.O.M Organic and the founder Aimee Marks, also features on a range of external social media platforms.

(Health Talks with TOM Organic, Natalie Kringoudis and Aimee Marks, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNmmH3kqZHQ)

The above video shows Marks on HealthTalksTV, discussing the drive behind the brand. 

Marks and T.O.M organic feature on a range of other blogs including but certainly not limited to Move Nourish Believe, Vie Activewear, The Holistic Ingredient, Wholesome Living with Ashleigh Jensen, Bodhi Wellness, Barre Body.

Social media has facilitated the T.O.M Organic brand tapping into the holistic health conscious market and allowed them to engage with their publics on a deeper level. 

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Health Talks. (2012, Novemeber 25). Healthtalks Tom Organic [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNmmH3kqZHQ


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