It’s time to start a relationship… with your consumers!

It’s those campaigns that come straight to mind in conversation, that seem to have been the most effective and impactful.

And it’s campaigns like Coke’s “share a coke” that come to mind when discussing PR 2.0. Steering away from broadcast marketing or generic messaging, PR 2.0 is humanising and personalising stories for the people you want to reach – it’s creating a relationship with the people important to the brand and most specifically, the consumers.

Recognising that the company had to “reconnect with Australia”, Coke decided to “get personal, recruiting fans and making them the face of the campaign for personalised coke cans everywhere”.

With the basic idea of printing names on bottles and cans distributed across the country, Coke’s “share a coke” campaign is at the forefront of engaging consumer campaigns and is an old-fashioned advocate for PR 2.0.

Helping to pave the way for digital interaction everywhere, coke’s interactive campaign brought unprecedented results with a 870% increase in facebook traffic, 12,020,000 earned media impressions and 76,000 virtual ‘coke’ cans shared by the public.

With such a memorable and impressionable campaign, Coke’s “share a coke” shows whats needed to form a relationship with consumers and the importance of PR 2.0.

Reference: Breakenridge, D. K. (2008). PR 2.0: New media, new tools, new audiences. FT Press.


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