“Tickling your fancy” with Social Media

Social media is now the token method for Public Relations practitioners when it comes to PR campaigns. With an ever growing technologically determined society comes a new and improved Public Relations campaign medium: social media. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, you name it! These practitioners know how to light your fire!

But how are they doing it?

Marc Jacobs #CastMeMarc 2014 Fall casting call is a “blue steel” example of using Instagram and Twitter for an ad campaign. The utilization of social media was so effective that the campaign is running for a second year in a row for the Marc Jacobs 2015 Spring Ad Campaign.


The campaign encourages Jacobs fans to submit their best photos onto Instagram and Twitter with the tag #CastMeMarc, with the desire of becoming the brand’s fresh new face. In response, an endless amount of photos were submitted from around the globe.
Only nine participants were flown to New York City and photographed for the final casting call.

The #CastMeMarc campaign highlights social media’s ability to create media attention for a brand, and the concept of ‘togetherness’ for the Designer’s fan base with the sense of belonging to a global community. Thus, the successful communication of the Marc Jacobs #CastMeMarc 2014 Fall Ad Campaign to the brand’s audience.


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