The Power of Social Media


One click is sometimes all it takes for a message to pass on to hundreds of people. When a post is shared, social media allows functions such as a “like” or “re-tweet” to pop up on their friends social media pages and therefore be passed on and on to reach a large audience. Basically on social media, nothing dies. Social media could be one of the most powerful marketing tools ever created due to these functions, add that, with the size of social media, and you have a huge audience. This idea has changed the way corporate roles go about their job as well as public relations practitioners. Over the years they have made themselves more known online with official social media pages set up under the companies name. Social media allows companies to engage and interact more with their customers, as well as build a stronger customer base. Basically for companies, the more interaction the better. Social media also allows for companies the ease of crisis communication if something where to go wrong. They can easily apologise on social media and make statements through it. Social media also allows for easy customer and stakeholder feedback as social media is interactive and thus people can communicate directly with a company.


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