The advent of social media has completely revolutionized the way in which PR practitioners do their job. Indeed, over the last decade or so, much changes occurred in the field as a result of the increase popularity of social media. We moved away from the former, one-way communication stream, which the more traditional media tools allowed for, into a two-way communication stream with our publics and stakeholders. In fact nowadays, communication is much more fluid and interactive. With traditional media tools, PR practitioners could not receive instantaneous feedback from their targeted audience on a particular PR campaign. However, constant feedback can now be brought to the attention of PR practitioners via social networking sites. This therefore gives them an opportunity to improve their PR strategy.

Moreover, social media has also result in a closer relationship between PR practitioners and their publics and stakeholders. PR practitioners can now get their messages across to the target audience directly; without the need for intermediaries including journalists. Furthermore social media is also a fast way of communicating to the audience. It has enabled a rapid flow of information but has also lead to the need for PR practitioners to be more proactive rather than reactive in the ways they communicate to their audience. This is only a brief summary of some of the influences of social media on the role of PR practitioners. Future posts will focus on how to use social media as an effective communication tool. The following video gives an insight on how to use social media in PR.


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