The New Daily Norm

For many of us, social media is as addictive as our skinny, double shot vanilla latte is on a Monday morning. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, we are all guilty of our morning ritual consisting of scrolling down the screen to see the latest news, fashion or beauty craze.

How people communicate and share information has changed due to this widespread use of social media. The dependence on social media has made a positive impact on how practitioners build and support various relationships with publics. Take the tragic death of Masa Vukotic; within hours of her murder, the alleged killer’s snapshot, taken on a bus just hours earlier was released by Victoria Police on their Facebook Page. Through the use social media, the photo was circulated on 9 News’ Facebook Page; not just nationally, but globally by simply clicking share. It also ended up on Twitter and Instagram by linking, tweeting and hash tagging.

Wanted over the murder of 17 year old Masa Vukotic

Wanted over the murder of 17 year old Masa Vukotic

Traditional media would have restricted the spread of Price’s description to newspaper and radio. This expansion of social media however, allowed the Police to interact with members of the public, news outlets and journalists, ending in this dangerous man’s arrest. Networking sites allow practitioners to reach and distribute material globally, while interacting with consumers or publics. Reference:


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