The Art of Complaining

It comes as no surprise that the inception of social media, including platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, has drastically changed the way the public relations industry operates. In order to succeed, a business must not only have a website or their contact details available online, they must also maintain and utilise a strong social media presence.

This has become increasingly obvious due to the way that consumers voice their concerns to businesses. It has gone from phoning a call centre, pressing numerous keys and waiting on hold, to instantly communicating with the business via their social media profiles. Not only is this quick and effortless, it is also public; meaning public relation practitioners can no longer hush these concerns.

A brands response to these concerns has a direct impact on their success. Businesses that don’t meet their customer’s social media desires are quickly being left behind. This goes for any brand, big or small.

I will end this post with an example and a note on the Black Milk Clothing scandal, where they went from this

To this, all thanks to social media.

Bonnie Robinson


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