Public Relations: complicated in a simpler time?

1921 ... wires crossed!

Looking at the past would make most people feel nostalgic and yearn for a time where the world was not moving quite so fast; when you could only be contacted a letter in the mail or on the household telephone; when computers and smart phones and gadgets and widgets weren’t a necessity… when social media and the ‘online’ world didn’t exist.

Imagine how complicated communications and publicity would have been pre-1990s? Sure, we live in a globalised world, but do we really appreciate how the paradigm of time-space compression is now an expected and urbanised system, which is fundamental to the functionality of everyday life? I don’t know if we really do.

Before social media existed, public relations relied on a Rolodex, fax machine, and advertising. Let’s take a look at one of the world’s most iconic brands, Coca-Cola.

1951 Coca-Cola Ad, "Serving Coke Serves Hospitality"

The history of Coca-Cola’s development as a globalised brand is almost as prolific as the development of the internet and social media itself, in terms of universal functionality. With the advancement of social media came the evolution of an empire, which has always associated itself with social aspects of living such as family, celebrations… or simply a reason to take a break from shopping as seen in a Classic Commercial for Coca-Cola in 1953.

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