A Surprising Symphony

It was 2006 and I along with 2,000 other enthusiastic Damien Rice fans eagerly awaited the arrival of the remorseful songsmith to the Palace Theatre stage. As our folk hero took the stage to a rapturous applause, he greeted us like old friends with a causal hello and then simply asked, “Would anyone care to come onstage and play a song”. A young man bravely took up this offer and performed an original song, with Damien improvising on vocal harmonies and the crowd providing support and encouragement. It was a beautiful moment in which through participation and creativity the bond between an artist and audience was strengthened whilst something new and exciting was created.

clipart-music-9TRzydyTe copy

Thanks to PR strategists and social media platforms these instance are occurring on an everyday basis whereby:

  • Social media platforms are providing the venues.
  • Companies & Brands are generating products and services as artists.
  •  Publics are becoming active and engaged audience

The Publics active participation is strengthening relationships with the brand and fostering meaningful experiences thus leading to unique innovations.

Fender Guitars is an example of a company that is using social media platforms such as instagram and you tube as a venue not only for company promotions such as new product releases, but as a forum enabling their audience to post information about their personal experiences with the product, ie first guitars, pictures from concerts, how to play guides, and artist feedback.

Fenders Instagram encourages users to send pictures of their equipment and the various ways they combine products.

Cool photo @darin.frank. Thanks for sharing!

A post shared by Fender (@fender) on

Fenders official media releases provide interesting content request by the public on playing styles.

Companies that can facilitate social media environments whereby users can create, share and engage with the brand and other publics are creating opportunities for the generation of interesting and appealing information.

Social media engagement and collaboration is setting companies on the right path to building stronger and long lasting relationships with publics.

An exciting collaborative journey lies ahead and I for one am glad to be part of the symphony.


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