Lights, Camera, Action: Video Gains Social Media Stardom

“…And the PRIA award for aspiring media function goes to @theOnlineVideo for its impressive performances. So far, Youtube is the best performing social media platform to drive trackable sales. Facebook attracts a billion video views per day. Twitter created the video service Vine, and this is to say the very least.”

Public relations practitioners, take a moment to let sink in the corollaries of videos world domination as the social media content format of choice.

Video orientated social media breathes life into a behavioural, strategic management paradigm, furthering a systematic change to the construct of communicating with publics.

Expedia’s “Find Yours” campaign is the epitome of this. Handing it over to their customers, Expedia asked them to film and share travel stories that had transformed them.

Videos like these resonated with employees, consumers and business partners so much so that Expedia decided to share their travel stories with the world as well

Social media driven by video content clearly acts as a catalyst for new symmetrical ways of communicating with target publics. It accelerates interactive, two-way dialogue between business and the community. Publics are involved in the course of business through user-generated content videos and Web 2.0 is triggered on a visual landscape.

Practitioners can actively engage in revolutionary ways, through this format of social media, with their audiences and foster transparent relationships while researching and listening to what their customers have to say.

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