Getting #Smart With Social Media

Social media has become apart of our everyday life. For most, it is daily ritual that we check our Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube… and the list goes on!

As you’re reading this you probably have a tab with Facebook or YouTube open. It is the convenience and accessibility of these platforms that keeps us checking in on them day in, day out. Just pull out the smart phone and tap away!

This proliferation of social media has encouraged Public Relation practitioners (PRP’s) to adapt and take on new ways of communicating. They have realised that social media can generate a huge amount of exposure, deliver quick messages and allows opportunity to engage and interact with publics.

Have you watched the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets series?

The show used Twitter as its main social media platform in engaging and interacting with its audience. By using Twitter to promote the hashtag #MeanTweets, it created a space for ‘tweeps’ to voice opinions, re-tweet, share relevant links and discuss their favourite edition of the series for example.

These spaces created by social media platforms, allows PRP’s to utilise two-way communication to help create and maintain relations between clients and their publics. A sense of community and personal involvement can be established, which is important in creating a strong and maintained relationship.



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