The Selfie Phenomenon

In my two previous blogs I discussed how technology plays a vital role in society and how the surfacing of social media allows relationships to be built between public relations, the public and the stakeholders and the concept of PR 2.0, how communicating with the public can increase awareness and amplify brand coverage.

This post will focus on the selfie phenomenon and the reasons why brands are building campaigns around them.




In 2013, the world selfie was added to the oxford dictionary and defined as : A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website


Selfies have became a mass craze within social media statistics stating that:

  • Tens of millions of selfies were taken in 2013 and
  • The  use of the word selfie has increased by 17,000% since 2012.
  •  55% have posted one on a social media forum as of last month
  • More than a quarter of the American population itself has shared a selfie to date. In case you’re wondering, that is nearly 80 MILLION PEOPLE


Important question to remember when launching a selfie campaign:
Think through your position in the happiness of the participants in your campaign – are the selfies likely to give them a boost?


How to assure a great selfie campaign

  • Tie the selfie-campaign to your brand with a specific hash tag and encourage your public to snap selfies using your product in a creative way.
  • Give the public some kind of reward for participating, a prize for the best selfie, or the most amount of likes or even have the selfie posted from your brands site.

A perfect example of this is the Frank body scrub campaign; Frank body scrub has taken the world and social media by storm.

The official Instagram @frank_bod has almost 150k followers. For social media users to get involved, Body Frank asks that consumers add a picture of themselves covered in the Frank coffee scrub then to use the hash tag #thefrankeffect for a chance to get featured on the Body Frank Instagram.

With over 10,000 posts, everyone is getting around the Body frank scrub. This form of advertising has been proved as a fun way and a great tool in spreading the brand and a fun way for consumers to get and feel involved with Body Frank.



Why selfie campaigns are positive:

  • Selfies have the power to encourage self-acceptance and boost people’s confidence.
  • Helping people feel good about themselves is a great way to enhance your brand community,
  • Selfies can play a significant part in spreading a positive brand message.
  • Less costs for the organisation as the brand awareness is being created by consumers

Selfie Campaigns are a fun way for brands to get involved with their publics on a personal level, whilst promoting the brand and the product added with some fun!

It’s time to embrace the selfie.




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