“The Decision” July 8, 2010, Lebron taking his talents to South Beach.

In my previous blog post I discussed about the public relation fallout and decision of Lebron James on the effects of his brand exposure. The greatest player possibly of his generation LeBron James current best basketball player on earth now the apparent heir to the throne of ‘Air’ Michael Jordan since he retired was about to make the biggest televise announcement of his career, on the evening of July 8, 2010 on what has become the most infamous NBA announcement Lebron made the unthinkable decision of dumping his hometown team on national television audience.

The plot was relatively easy after forging a dynasty and spending 7 seasons with his hometown team The “Cleveland Cavaliers” featuring in the NBA finals twice without winning a championship, LeBron decided to enter free agency and either choose to stay or leave for green pastures. Lebron Public relation  management team decided to join forces with The top television sport network the ‘ESPN’ and televise his announcement of departure.

It was an hideous interview from the start to finish that made every passionate basketball fan without a doubt Cleveland fans who follows the Cavaliers devastated. The interview was 1hour-15minutes long, self centred, well choreograph by LeBron management team and the ESPN network,NBA fans were held to ransom for his own personal brand exposure and PR advertisement time on medium ignoring the narration of either he will stay or leave Cleveland. However all the proceed that were made on the night of interview were distributed to various charities across the United States and to Lebron James foundation.











LeBron James was courted by six NBA teams for his service and finally made the announcement after nearly an hour of discussion about LeBron James legacy in Cleveland, numerous charities and the experiences of what he encountered with playing in the NBA right after high school. Passionate fans were upset of course as the basketball public turned on him. The Decision made Lebron the most despise professional athlete for few years during polls. The NBA however benefitted for LeBron decision to leave for Miami Heat basketball television ratings were at all time high and NBA global brand merchandises were selling with revenue, games attendances at all times high every where the Miami Heat played.


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