Reaching more people socially as a business

We’ve talked about how to relate socially as a business. Now let’s talk about being effective relating as a business. This includes raising engagement, and reach. These two words are the life blood of social media. You can put out lots of great content and never have it seen. Really big businesses may succeed in reach based on the fact they have such a large public interest to begin with. Engagement helps reach new customers and is more meaningful to them as they can see how other people view the brand.

Reach is the number of people who see your content. Engagement is the number of people who share, comment or interact with your content. ‘Likes’ on Facebook increase reach however cannot really account for engagement, as it is an easy click. You’re not really learning a lot about the consumers this way or exactly what they like about the post. Remember these are the people who like status’ such as, “RIP (celebrity)”. Are they liking that the Celebrity is dead? Are they liking as a form of respect? Are they liking that the original poster stopped to write the post. Are they liking that they now know the Celebrity is dead because it was the first post they saw regarding it? Way too many variables.

The best thing a social business can ask for is action. This usually means purchases, or sharing. Summed up its anything that can provide a measurable increase in profit to the business.

Businesses using social media need a plan that directly relates to their business plan. This is most effective to getting the action you want. A social business will also need to pay for a good social measurement software. This information gives expanding businesses accurate, measurable data to improve future campaigns.

Monitoring your competitors can help to gauge the market place and look at a base target and something to improve upon. Looking at how your competitors use social media can also assist with creating a social media. It’s important to cultivate your own businesses way of telling stories while keeping an ear to the ground.

A social business is an important feature in today’s business climate. Keeping in touch with your customers and giving them something to connect with. Relationships are the way to engaging with consumers.




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