5 Tips for creating excellent PR content

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 12.04.00 pmImage: Social Media Examiner

Social media has changed stakeholder expectations. No longer are they receptive to one-way messages pushed at them by hundreds of companies each day. Online platforms have changed the PR landscape. Users expect 24/7 content that’s short, concise and easy to consume. The content produced by PR professionals must inspire and entice stakeholders to continue reading, share and engage. But how can you ensure the content you’re producing will have the desired outcomes?

1. Understand your stakeholders

Research your stakeholder’s social media practices.  Know which platforms they use; it is pointless tweeting if they are not on Twitter. Consider your competitors. How often do they post, tweet or update? What have they done that has been successful or unsuccessful? As I demonstrate here, learn from the mistakes of others, but also the successes.

2. Relevancy

Use your research results to develop relevant posts. Each day an abundance of content is posted online. Most of it gets lost amongst the noise and if your content is not relevant to your audience, it too will end up lost. As I discussed in my previous post, Ford has excelled at creating relevant information for their stakeholders across multiple platforms.

3. Quality

Customers expect organisations to produce top quality content. Writing must be clear and concise. Pay attention to spelling and grammar errors. These will quickly distract your stakeholders and reduce the credibility of your posts.

4. Listen to feedback

It’s all about two-way communication. Social media has allowed PR professionals to receive instant feedback, so make sure you listen to it and take action. Look at the posts that engage readers to respond and those that don’t. Use this to improve future content. Hootsuite is an excellent tool that can be used to monitor your online platforms.

5. Curate

The web is full of fantastic, but also not so great, content. We are overloaded with information. Often it is hard for users to sift through the bad stuff to find the great, so do it for them. Find relevant and inspiring content and provide it to your stakeholders in an easy to access and read format.

Curating quality posts that are relevant to your stakeholders is the key to building a successful online presence. It will allow you to build strong relationships, encourage communication and engage your stakeholders. Developing relationships in today’s PR landscape is much more dependent on social media. No longer is the one-way transmission model of old PR a successful method for forming positive relationships between organisations and their stakeholders.


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