Hashtag # to success

Following on from my second post on how the hash-tag has enabled a seamless link between organization and consumer. This post will endeavor to further develop and understand how this seamless link between the two has enabled companies to better understand what it is that their consumer wants and how to capture new target markets.


Lets not forget the Hast-tag’s primary task is:

A hashtag is used to unite specific tweets about particular topics. It’s a way of organizing or grouping tweets together. They are used to help tweeps (people who use Twitter) to find topics that are similar.

with this in mind

Where the hash-tag can assist originations is in its ability to allow organizations to be able to track and monitor their visibility and interest on social network pages. The use of simple words and emotions with a hash-tag relating to the organization will enable a listing or what this consumer desires and wants, what actually motivates this consumer and what it is about the offering that appeals to them. With this rich information on hand companies are in a better position to further develop and or create new offerings that better fit with what this consumers wants, needs and desires are. Furthermore, this rich content and constant flow of consumer ‘chatter’ enables companies to tap into other organizations pages to read and see what it is that motivates other organizations consumers to their brand.  



In tailoring these new offerings to organization is enabling it self to be in a position to better capture new consumers, earning a bigger portion of their market share and minimizing competition. This is all undertaken to cement an organizations dominance within their market.


It is worth mastering their nuances, however, because hashtags actually hold immense marketing power. When wielded appropriately, they not only help you connect with your targeted consumer demographic, but can also actually boost your business revenue.


Kim Garst in her blog; how to use hashtags to grow your business, best summarizes her tips For Successfully Using Hashtags In Your Online Marketing Campaigns. These tips are beneficial in following for any organization that wishes to tap into this rich consumer content. Information that can better place an organization within a market and furthermore to maximize their exposure within the market place.

  1. Find existing twitter chats to participate in
  2. Use them to search for topics related to your industry
  3. Use hashtags in your posts




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