How tweet it is ?

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Social Media Explained. Creative Commons License, Chris Lott. Photostream:

In case you missed my most recent posts on social media management:

  1. I discussed the importance of social media in building, engaging and facilitating rewarding relationships with customers and consumers (here).
  2. I reviewed a case study of bad social media management by CelebBoutique and then provided seven useful and integrated tips on how to manage social media platforms with ease (here).

So now I ask all Public Relations professionals out there, how tweet (sweet) is it knowing that adapting to this revolution, could see you gain competitive advantages for you and your clients, as well as build on their bottom line profits? – It sure is tweet!

However, everything that sounds to good to be true, is. The truth of social media management, and what I have constantly stressed is that you need to manage these platforms effectively or they could do more damage than good.

So to close off my three part tweetorial, I thought I would incorporate examples of two campaigns; one which super successful, and the other, well, not so successful, and why this was the case.

Campaign one: Old Spice

Please watch the clip before reading on.

Was it successful?

Why was it so successful?

  1. It was creative, engaging, not offensive, comedic, functional and shareable content (met nearly all of my 7 tips and tricks listed here)
  2. They knew their audience and knew their platforms capabilities! (Youtube has 4billion hours of youtube watched each month!)

Campaign Two: #McDStories

Please watch the clip before reading on

Was it successful?

  • Campaign pulled within 2 hours of going live on Twitter
  • Hashtag #McDStories turned into #McDHorrorStories
  • “#McDStories: When A Hashtag Becomes A Bashtag,” Kashmir Hill, Forbes
  • Some examples of the thousands of #McDStories and #McDHorrorStories that went horribly wrong:“Dude, I used to work at McDonald’s. The #McDStories I could tell you would raise your hair.” (via Twitter)One time I walked into a McDonalds and I could smell Type 2 diabetes floating in the air and I threw up. #McDStories (via Twitter)“#McDStories I lost 50lbs in 6 months after I quit working and eating at McDonalds.” (via The Daily Mail)

Why was it so unsuccessful?

  1. Not enough research or thought put into their audience and their possible predisposition to have negative feeling/ rant about their negative experiences with the company.
  2. Didn’t consider the domino effect nature of twitter; Twitter is used for consumers to either create UGC for a brand, or to complain and hurt the brand.

Image by Mike Licht. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

So today I finish with some very important statistics to why you should be on social media:

  1. 72% of internet users are now active on social media
  2. Facebook alone has 1.5billion worldwide users
  3. Twitter has over 550million users worldwide
  4. Pinterest has 20million users worldwide
  5. Instagram has 150million users worldwide
  6. Youtube has over 4 billion hours of videos watched per month

Let me know your thoughts on my three-part tweetorial below in the comments, or tweet me @shelbyredmond.


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