User Generation: PR For You

From The Fine Arts: PR 2.0 it is easy to define that the way business utilises social media for their publics and stakeholders can be the key to their success.

Whenever a new interest is forwarded to the public it has the ability to either blossom or fizzle. The thought, time and planning put into a social media comes through the cracks of an unsuccessful campaign.

Sourced from Highways Agency

Sourced from Highways Agency

Without fully accepting that social media needs to be addressed a business is limiting their reach and success.

Its all in your reach:

One of the worst things that a business can do on social media (other than slandering others) is spreading themselves to thin across the social media platforms.

If you are not committed to creating new and original content for each social media platform you might need to think again. Nothing screams disinterest more than the same content being streamed on all social media platforms.

For the public to pay attention businesses must take the time to make them listen.

Natvia, a natural sweetener company, have had this issue this week. Natvia’s “Veg My Patch” is their new blossoming campaign that seems to be lacking in awareness. Although the concept of supporting schools in creating vegetable patches is by no means new seeing it on Facebook sparked an interest due to the company’s creative attitude.

What followed however didn’t.

Looking into the campaign further it was aware that there were some significant issues including:

  • Their twitter page included every single post as an automated post from Facebook
  • The campaign asks for each contestant to like the page (this still shows an interest in quantitative results rather than quality interaction)

By sticking to social media outlets that suit your company (and your time) these situations will be avoided.

What is the story with User Generated Content?

User Generated Content is the next stamp of approval in social media campaigns. The public post content relating to a brand/product as their endorsement.

Social media campaigns that utilise user generated content have a greater chance at global spread due to each individual post.

Sourced from Morton Lin

Sourced from Morton Lin

Tourism Queensland’s “Best Job in the World” campaign launched back in 2009 was one of the best User Generated content campaign that has been done so far.

For anyone that missed it (although I doubt anyone in Australia could have!) Tourism Queensland promoted the best job in the world, and island caretaker, for an easy spread of interest in the Hamilton Island region.

Applicants posted a one minute video online of why they should have been given the dream job for six months.

The campaign was more than successful, going viral where stories were done all over the globe.

When creating a campaign that will attract user generated content remember:

  • Creativity is key
  • Offer something back to those that post, whether that be a prize or regram
  • Keep the idea simple
  • Link to other concepts within the campaign

Whether a small business or large corporation all organisations are capable of creating successful social media campaigns and platforms. Tailoring to suit social media platforms used is the most important aspect for a business’s success online.


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