Standing out and Surviving Web 2.0

Web 2.0 has placed an immense pressure on PR practitioners and organisations to develop new and creative ideas everyday when marketing via social media. Influencing a rapid change in organisations and their approach to innovativeness.

Organisations need to realise the importance of social business and how much power customers hold in this age of technology, from promoting the brand to providing feedback concerning the organisation. Therefore investment in social marketing is essential.

It is a constant battle for organisations to establish themselves amongst its competitors through various social media campaigns while avoiding the phenomenon of social skimming.  Dove managed to do so with their ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign and was recognised for being one of the most successful campaigns in 2013. As the response to their video was quite emotional, both in support of it and how Dove portrayed beauty and the importance of physical attractiveness.  The video went viral with 114 million views, mentioned in 1800 blog posts and was the 3rd most shared ad of all time.

Web 2.0 has become both a beneficial and detrimental tool for public relations, the evolution of technology and its impact on how individuals access and receive news means increased competition in marketing through social media channels.

Social media can be used in numerous ways and not-for-profit organisations rely significantly on this tool to promote their cause and help raise funds to facilitate it. It allows charities to create and implement campaigns over the social network. Innovation has become critical in effectively communicating an organisations message, and Save the Children utilise this through the appeal of sexy content to promote their cause. This video currently has 3 million views and counting and is mentioned in many renowned publications.

Over this series of blog posts we have covered how development of technology over time has altered the way PR practitioners cater their news delivery to their publics. In the second blog post we cover how technology has given customers the opportunity to provide feedback, and the importance of monitoring feedback to uphold an organisation’s reputation. In this final blog post we emphasise how innovation is a crucial tool in assisting organisations to raise brand awareness due to the competitiveness of social marketing in society today. In summary, there are various factors that define an organisation’s success and capitalising on social media tools is essential in gaining a competitive advantage.


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