PR 2.0 – the method for reflection

As previously discussed technology plays a vital role in society and the surfacing of social media allows relationships to be built between public relations, the public and the stakeholders. This post will focus on the concept of PR 2.0




Publics that interact through social media may not realise the amount of power that they can have over an organisation. Sites such as Face book and twitter can have an individual’s opinion spread and shared in just a matter of seconds. This communication is known as 2.0. It is with this power PR has started to put it to good use for the sake of their organisations.

PR incorporating PR 2.0 into their approach is an effective way to communicate with its public straight to the interest audiences, two main achievements can come through this as 2.0 can:

  • A) increase awareness
  • B) amplify brand coverage


‘PR 2.0 is the realization that the Web changed everything, inserting people equally into the process of traditional influence’.


PR 2.0 was created from the concept of web 1. 2.0 has forced the growth of media that now allows individuals to share and gain information – to be a part of the organisation more so than ever. PR 2.0 has given PR the chance to use the online world to reach their publics point of views from their own posts and are able to communicate with them directly.


PR 2.0 requires PR to:

  • Monitor social media
  • Have damage control plans sorted when it comes to negative feedback
  • Understand that the public can now inform each other of news
  • be aware of the importance to take place in their publics forums



  • Engaging with publics will ensure a positive outcome of PR for their respective orgs
  • opportunity to do PR and increase its value
  • Increase effectiveness of PR’s job
  • improve the quality of work, change the game
  • participate with people in a more informed and wiser way
  • Facilitate direct to consumer communication
  • Builds closer relationships with the public


‘PR 2.0 uses a combination of social media tools that are available to communications professionals to reach and better communicate with influencers and consumer audiences directly’



2.0 is a necessity for PRs growth as an industry and it is here to stay.



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