The Fine Arts: PR 2.0

Continuing on from Social PR: The influence of the social revolution it is imperative that online PR or PR 2.0 is welcomed into business and media campaigns.


Sourced from Aimee Kinsella

What exactly is PR 2.0?

PR 2.0 can be described as the use of social media tools for business’s to gain better access to their publics and stakeholders opinions. The way that business’s interact with social media can be the difference between a great or unsuccessful social media campaign.

Best practice of PR 2.0 utilizes social media in transparent and welcoming way; bringing together the public and stakeholders for discussion.


Sourced From NadiaThinks

Tweet a Coffee

One of the best social media campaigns for 2013 was Starbucks Tweet a Coffee movement. By linking both Starbucks rewards and Twitter users were able to tweet their friends a complimentary coffee and a little love as a pick me up for their day.

The User generated content this created for Starbucks was enormous and is still quite successful today.

Users can decide whether to send enough for just one coffee or enough funds for coffee for a year. The possibilities with Starbucks are endless here.

Starbucks have been in the foreground for PR 2.0 for some time with active Facebook and Twitter accounts linking to their giving websites so these tweets are really just the icing on the cake.

When Addressing Social Media


  • Be interactive and open with the public
  • Respond to negative comments
  • Be Humbled
  • Ensure that you have the capacity to maintain accounts
  • Ensure every post is re-read and re-read


  • Delete comments without response
  • Be unnecessarily defensive
  • Remain Inactive
  • Focus Blame to other areas

It is surprising that although social media is not a new concept that businesses still do not stick to common values as shown above. Without effective PR practice in these situations we often see massive outbreaks of negativity against corporations which can be seriously debilitating.

Although social media fails are often entertaining it is important to ensure your own business client can avoid this potential outbreak to reserve reputation.

The Onion, an American news source, is often known for its borderline content on Twitter but seriously stepped over the boundaries when they tweeted:

“Everyone else seems afraid to say it but that Quvenzhane Wallis is kind of a c*** right?”

Making this horrendous comment against 9 year old actress would seem to be common sense to avoid but unfortunately it still happens.

Although The Onion was capable of making a statement about the incident and punished the individuals involved it is crucial that the fundamentals of social media use are outlined within the corporation to avoid these mishaps.

PR 2.0 is a tricky concept for us all but with some work and common sense social media can be an extremely important aspect of business. Just remember to use it wisely!


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