Be active and engaged in Social Media at any time



In the age of new media and unpredictable information, every organization could not ensure that their products are able to operate with no risk at all. At the same time, the organizations could not restrict the spread of negative information through traditional media, such as “PR” newspapers, Television station and broadcast.

The publics have rights to speak and release information on various social media platforms with no limitation of time and space requirements. Positive and negative information about product is now often generated by consumers and other consumers will rely on the information to influence their purchasing decisions. It is an important matter of an organization’s survival that whether they are able to control its negative information and protect the image of the organization effectively.

It has been 30 days that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the world’s attention still keep focusing on Malaysia and looking for MH370. The search and investigation of 26 nations of MH370 is already the most expensive in aviation history, taking the known cost and the estimation of airborne search, its amounts to $53 million.

After a carefully review of the timeline of hunting flight MH370, we can found that the official flow of information tricked in very slowly, while social media has exploded with rumours and speculation. It’s a definitely mistake that nothing much was revealed by the Malaysian Airlines during the first vital few hours after incident.

The world is disappointed with the attitude of the Malaysian Airline and the government of Malaysia.Malaysian Airlines should pay enough attention on the relatives’s feeling, rather than just compensating them and some media release which shows no sincerity. With the development of social media, numerous of netizens from all over the world release and communicate their perceptions about unbelievable Malaysian Airlines event, the Malaysian Airlines and its stakeholder (Malaysian government) through blogs, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

The Public Relations (PR) practitioners of Malaysian Airlines should not ignore the role of powerful public, so that certain keys to social media for crisis communication are considered in PR 2.0.

  •  Establish a trusted presence immediately
  •  Post timely content
  •  Be honest and open
  •  Monitor networks to develop understanding of community needs
  •  Engage the community
  •  Leverage mobile tools
  •  Evaluate and adjust
  •  Clarify the focal points


The PR practitioners from the global relations firm, Ketchum is now dealing with the rehabilitative measures of the issue of Malaysian Airline. From 8 March to now, there are 13.3 million of Facebook users pay attentions on the Facebook page of Malaysian Airlines. Malaysian Airlines keeps posting and sharing the latest news of MH370, and offers of thoughts, prays and condolences to all relatives of passengers. This benefits the image of Malaysian Airline by giving support and encourages.

                                           images                                                                   However, as the stockholder, Malaysian government’s bad influence of this issue responding, which makes Malaysian Airlines difficult to restore its image as well. Hence, to restore the image of Malaysian Airlines will be in a long term difficult road.


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