Go on, Log In and Join the Conversation

The use of social media has expanded beyond the flashing little apps on our iPhone, to a media that rules the world that we live in, as discussed in my previous post.

Web 2.0 means that organisations are now being judged by how many instagram photos they post, the wittiness of their twitter posts, and how quickly they respond to feedback on their facebook page.

Many public places are also taking part in the revolution, providing free wifi, or incentives for individuals to ‘check-in’ to their location in order to receive free drinks or burgers.

Ain’t nobody got time to complain about free stuff.

The lights of smartphones and iPad screens are increasingly integrated into our city landscape, with public locations including Melbourne’s very own Federation Square jumping on the bandwagon of free internet.

Federation Square lit up with screens on a Saturday Night (Photo taken by Erin Knight)

Federation Square lit up with screens on a Saturday Night (Photo taken by Erin Knight)

You can find anything you’ll ever need online. A new dress, a pet, a job, or even a lover. So if you want your organisation to be found then prepare to log in and communicate with your current and future consumers.

For many businesses, the ultimate form of advertising is that that occurs through third party social media platforms, such as urbanspoon or trip advisor. Positive word-of-mouth is the most influential form of media, and it allows individuals to sift through information to find the best possible solution to their need. Nobody really gives a #tweet if your organisation website says you’re the best, but they do care if other Jack and Jill’s say you’re the best.

And if a celebrity tweets or instagrams about your #organisation? Well you’ve hit the publicity jackpot then.

But not all organisations have hopped on board, with some PR practitioners still not engaging with social media.

What? I hear you say. I know. As professional communicators, you would think all PR practitioners would have caught onto this trend but hey, not every bird has all of its eggs in the right #nest. 😉

PR Social Media usage in 2011 (MacNamara)

PR Social Media usage in 2011 (MacNamara)

And yeah, social media can be a risk for organisations. Not every man and his dog will be willing to post glowing reviews about your business, but the important thing is to be present, and use social media as a means for improved stakeholder relations, increased campaign publicity, and if need be, crisis management.

So log on and join the conversation, because with or without you, the conversation will go on.


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