“24/7”: The changing face of the PR World

As I mentioned in my previous post, social media has altered the way PR practitioners interact with both stakeholders and their public’s. Now more than ever a sufficient understanding of the “social media world” is vital for building and maintaining relationships within the PR industry.

So continuing on, I want to explore in greater detail the changing face of the PR industry and demonstrate this change through the Oscar Pistorius case.

You’ve changes:
I think you would agree with me in saying that as users and distributed of social media we no longer accept a ‘dumping’ of information from PR practitioners or industry types. We want fast and concise pieces of information that is easy to digest.

Gone are the days where PR practitioners could simply monitor the information provided. Now they must ensure they are engaging with and responding to the information and open to feedback. This will assist in the development and management of relationships not only with their publics but stakeholders as well.

Traditional PR tools are still vital, however embracing the social media revolution, is a must for all PR practitioners.

DTF- Define the relationship:
Social media has made information more readily available, it’s instant. We as users have come to expect this constant flow of information; we demand to be in the loop.

In order to keep up with this demand, PR practitioners must ensure they communicate with their publics, in real time keeping us informed and up to date. A clear example of this, which I touched on in my last post, is the current Oscar Pistorius case.

Case Study- “The Blade Runner”:
You would have to have been living under a rock not to have some idea about the current Oscar Pistorius case. The South African athlete currently on trial for the murder of his girlfriend. The thing that makes this case so interesting is that not only did Pistorius hire a top notch legal team but he also hired a world class PR team, to manage his social media coverage of the trail. During the trail, his PR team are sharing lives tweets from the court, to provide “actual facts” about the trail. A major reason as to why, is they want to appear more transparent, to attempt to build an effective online relationship with their followers.

Traditionally, in this sort of situation a PR practitioner would have created a press release and given occasion updates about the trail. However, in order to build some form of relationship with their public’s, constant live feeds are deemed as a must. Keeping their twitter followers in the loop is considered vital.


                                                                        Source: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/37331/20130809/oscar-pistorius-trial-date.htm

As social media users yourself, I would love to hear you thoughts on the matter? So please feel free to comment below.


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