PR2.0 Putting the “public” back into public relations

Back to basics– PR to build solid relationships and have someone else talking about the benefits of your brand, rather than your brand talking about itself through advertising or other marketing strategies. (Deirdre K. Breakenridge)

The digital modernization of PR has made it easier for companies to talk with customers directly. The hash-tag has further emphasized this development with its ability to link the consumer with the product; the use of BS (BullS#i%) and hype is no longer required to capture a markets attention.


The hash-tag has made searching and categorizing specific information to a brand or product much easier and more accessible, people can hash-tag the brand or product they are referencing, enabling a flow of communication with other interested in the same brand, product, service extra, This allows for a flow of information between customers and organization. A rich source of information to help organizations better place their offering or to better understand what it is their markets needs or wants from them.  

example: Image

A mechanism for collecting and sharing information

PR 2.0 is a philosophy and practice to improve the quality of work, change the game, and participate with people in a more informed and intelligent way.

How PR 2.0 is changing the face of PR with the help of the #

  • Pr has stopped broadcasting and started connecting with their customer. The hash-tag further helping to facilitate this ‘connecting’
  • Offering is unique to the individual
  • People are becoming the new influencers, complementing the existence of experts and traditional journalists,
  • Helping engage in meaningful conversations 
  • Building stronger trusting relationships—both personally and professionally—with customers, influencers, experts etc

Ultimatley what the use of the has-tag has eneabled is to create new and better success with campaigns. In that # followed by the products brand, name, feeling about the product extra will help connect with consumers/people with similar interests. For example a new Hilton hotel in Thailand may have a new honeymoon package, an image if the honeymoon sweet or a captivating image of what the hotel is oiffering can be used with the following simple hash-tags, #luxuryhoneymoon, #hiltonthailand, #indulgence, #heavenonearth. These simples hash-tags allow people with similar interests to connect and see the companies image, with the hope that the image will evoke some feeling in the consumer and having them connect directly to the Hilton hotel group and or like the image to which other friends can see and possibly like themselves.



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