Tips for the social business on social media

Social business - many connections

Great businesses have a great social media presence. It involves a lot of work, and there is less sense of control but the pros outweigh the cons.

Today’s consumers want corporate transparency. Telling  the truth, in a timely and fulfilling manner. Some business think they have this covered by releasing media releases and maintaining a website. People, especially those raised in the digital world, are learning how to relate digitally. This will affect the way they shop and view the world. To succeed in a digital social environment you need to join them. You can still use traditional mediums just add a social side as well. If you plan it well, you can attract far more engagement.

Social media gives your brand a chance to differentiate itself. This means that even more people might relate to you and your brand over your competitors. For that reason alone social media is worth doing.

Once you’ve found the social media platform that meets your businesses requirements. You’ve formed a communications strategy. How do you use the social media?

To be successful online especially in social media you need to be active. This is so people can engage with you and the social media site puts some value in your page. This also encourages people to contribute and if you can manage it to do more work for you.

Sometimes you think your product can’t be or isn’t interesting. There are ways to make it interesting, sometimes being too close to the information makes it hard to see for ourselves. People engage with things they think are interesting. Photos of people is something most people engage with well online. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be directly related to the core business but something the business is interested in.

Be humble even if you have the greatest product because you’ve put so many hours into it. Encourage dialogue. Saying something that stops the dialogue in a normal situation is awkward and this is equally true online.

Build up your social currency, your reputation and image. Have some fun with it, but have a plan at what you’re trying to achieve. Think about the people you are wanting to attract. Social media is an important tool. It needs to be managed in the same way as your communications department with the same philosophy and heart of your company.


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