The hashtag (#) no longer just ending our calls

“when you have finished your call press the hashtag or please hang up”

Dial Pad

For years the hashtag was an under appreciated icon at the bottom of our phone dialing pads, an icon that rarely got used. Come to think of it prior to the modern development of twitter and the like I had little to no use for the # symbol. Today the hash tag is; as described in the Oxford Dictionary

“a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media sites such as Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic: spammers often broadcast tweets with popular hashtags even if the tweet has nothing to do with them the hashtag #riotcleanup is being used by community members to coordinate some post-riot street-cleaning” 

Pr has transformed to become more accessible to the masses, a simple # symbol can link a PR agents work to a myriad of sites, users, events and offerings.

Stakeholders are able to view content curation live, to see transparent feedback, a notion that can be seen as both positive and negative as not all feedback is positive. This is best seen through the common use of company based Facebook pages and the live feed of feedback from both organization and customer. Customer complaints can be posted and commented on, and viewed by the whole community who is connected to the page. Companies need to now act fast and give the correct feedback to minimize potential damage to their companies credibility.

Social media has transformed the way in which PR is used to get its information out, the hashtag craze makes information current, up to date and timely, as Grunig discusses communication has now become more:

“global, strategic, two-way and interactive, symmetrical or dialogical, and socially responsible.”



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