With the click of a button



Gone are the days of the old brick phone, in fact it is even considered normal for adolescents to be owners of a smart phone or for a child to have an I-pad.

The fact is we are living in a new era where technology plays a major role in everyday life for everyone and everything, information can be accessed just by the click of a button.The surfacing of social media allows relationships to be built between public relations, the public and the stakeholders.

Through social media, public relations are given the opportunity to build brand awareness, research consumer opinions, identify opinion leaders and spread specific messages virally.This is thanks to the change from web 1.0 to web 2.0. This re defined source now allows a two way communication between the public relations the public and stakeholders, also giving PR the opportunity to make a greater contribution to society .

Social media allows publics to:

  •  have a say
  • to take part in PR’s role
  • feel more in control
  • feel more considered
  • to enjoy a mutual respectful relationship with public relations.

Since the alteration of web 1.0 to web 2.0 and social media, stakeholders can now access information by the click of a button.

The growth of social media is very important in all aspects of PR.


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