We are what we upload



We share photos on social media that are consistent in the ways in which we see ourselves, or the way in which we want to be seen by others.

STREP ONE: Upload a photo to Instagram

STEP TWO: Quickly delete it. Mistakenly you choose the Valencia photo-editing feature over Lo-Fi. It makes your hair look too shinny

STEP THREE: Upload the same photo again between 6pm-8pm (prime social media viewing time)

STEP FOUR: Wait 15 minutes . . .

STEP FIVE: Delete it – you didn’t get enough ‘likes’.

We spend ample time on social media creating a positive public perception of ourselves. Therefore, it is important PR practitioners (PRP’s) jump on the social media bandwagon and do the same, in order to build and sustain successful relationships between their publics and stakeholders.

Social media? What’s the big deal, you may ask.

Essentially, social media has put the ‘public’ back into public relations. There is little chance of controlling or concealing information on social media. Further, one-way asymmetrical communication has become redundant online with the revelation of Web 2.0.

Granted, the ability to monitor or direct content is not as feasible in the age of social media, whether we like it or not, the future of PR is about active, two-way symmetrical conversations.

Now that Instagram is more popular than Twitter, more and more PRP’s are engaging with the online photo and video sharing service, in order to build their brands, share news and promote dialogue by visually communicating stories.


Photo Source: Jose Moutinho


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