Traditional Media? You won’t reach me there


It’s Friday morning and so far I have checked Facebook, Instagram and Yammer, read some articles on Buzzfeed and made a new connection on LinkedIn.What I haven’t done is opened a newspaper, or turned on the TV. In fact, I don’t think I’ve done either of those things all week.

If an organisation hopes to reach me, they had better start thinking about social media. 

I’m not alone. As of January, Facebook has 12.8 million users in Australia.Starting as a place to stay connected with friends, we now also use our social media accounts gather information and make decisions. News, reviews and opinions are all at our finger tips.

From 2011-2012 the number of people who made purchasing decisions based on advice from a social media network rose by 19%. With this figure presumably still increasing; we can all agree that these days it can prove to be more beneficial for organisations to focus on their social accounts first.


Traditional public relations relied on a message being sent to and understood by publics, with no facilities for response or feedback. Fast forward and the public relations industry is embracing social media and moving to relationships built via direct engagement.Web 2.0 encourages two way communication, meaning audiences now have a voice when it comes to organisations.

Do you, like me, rely on social media and Web 2.0 to gather information and make decisions?


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