Technology advancement and its impact on the evolution of communication

Messaging, tweeting, statusing, liking, Instagramming – it’s virtually impossible to find someone in today’s society that has not heard of these terms before.

Over time, communication has become more mobile and it can even be said that all social networking these days is facilitated via some form of technology.

Technology provides us with such ease of access to news and information we are no longer required to read a newspaper, go to the movies or even catch up with people to know what they’re doing as all of this is accessible online. The world is literally at our fingertips.

PR practitioners need to cater to this because traditional methods of public relations are no longer effective in this digital age. The need for instant news is now more imperative than ever due to the epidemic of social skimming, where one piece of news can easily be lost amongst a million others.

Companies have capitalized on this growing phenomenon by centering their media campaigns on social networking sites. David Jones recently launched their #djsMAKEitMINE campaign as a tool to not only advertise their brand but to increase their online presence and customer flow.

Gone are the days of one-way communication, where news is delivered with little opportunity for response. Web 2.0 has made way for a more effective means of delivering news to publics and has facilitated two-way communication as publics are now able to provide feedback.


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