‘Public Relations now: New social media is a return to origin’

The web was made for you to exchange information.  But only since Web 2.0, has this been true.  The rise of social media has forced a return to the intended two-way street of exchange – so all voices can be heard, including yours.

A2 Image - Street Sign Past & Future

Public Relations professionals (PRP’s) have realised the power of social media as the dominant avenue to ‘speak back’ to traditional media (which once simply ‘spoke at’ us).  Collaborative user generated content has centred consumers as the fabric of the World Wide Web.

Now, effective social media relations have become the basis for effective organisational communication.

Australians spend upwards of 4.2 hours per week on mobile internet.  Social media sites are accessed by 62% of Australian internet users, with 36% using networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter everyday.  This changes the interaction between business and consumers, including the supportive role of Public Relations.

Social media presents unique and endless opportunities to listen, understand and engage with communities.  The potential for PRP’s to be creative and contribute real value for their stakeholders is huge, both internally and externally.

However, the flip side presents potential bad publicity and a permanently damaged reputation.

Do you prefer social media over phone or email when contacting organisations? Why?


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